Beach Buren

Beach Buren is a wonderful bathing beach for swimming. It lies on the north side of Ameland on the North Sea at about 1.5 kilometers from the village of Buren. This area has everything you need. It’s a perfect place to entertain yourself and your family for a half-day. You can find this location on: Strandweg 100.

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Beach BurenWhen you want to visit beach Buren you will first have to go by boat from Holwerd. Whether you do this by car, bike or by walking: that doesn’t matter. When you arrive at Ameland it is wise to rent a bicycle if you , if you do not have taken any other vehicle with you. It’s not a punishment to use a bicycle here because a bike ride on Ameland is definitely recommended! You drive through Buren, where you can follow the signs to the beach. When you arrive here you can park your car very well, there is also enough places for the bikes. For disabled guests there are parking spaces close to the beach. From there a perfect path has been built so that wheelchair users can also enjoy the beach. When you don’t have a wheelchair it is also possible to rent one that is specially created for sand areas. Arriving at the beach Buren you can enjoy the view over the Northern sea. The water is excellent for swimming and is checked for water quality from 1 May until 30 September. In addition, supervision is available between 10:00 and 18:00 hours from the first of June until September 15th. However, the use of this bathing beach is entirely at your own risk. For more information on water and surveillance, you can check the flags and information on the signs. The beach itself is without vegetation and surrounded by dunes. On the dunes itself you can find some dune vegetation that will flow to long expanses of pastures.

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NeighboursBeach Buren is not only used for recreation but also by water sports enthusiasts. So is it possible to windsurf outside the swimming zone. Kiting and kite surfing are unfortunately not allowed here. Horses, bicycles, mopeds and cars are also not welcome here. Dogs can walk around if they are on a leash. Want to listen to music on the beach? Then you will have to use earphones. Public music is not appreciated because some people come here for the silence. All in all, beach neighbors is a wonderful location to celebrate your holiday or to simply go for a day trip. Also the whole Island is something you will not forget soon. If you want to enjoy more than 1 day, then that is certainly possible. There are enough rooms to rent and plenty of campings you can place a tent on. Don’t forget to take a lovely sunset evening walk. On the beach there are toilets, showers and recycle bins available so that everyone can keep the beach clean. The water is salty, that makes swimming feel differently than in lakes. However, this remains a unique experience that simply belongs to the activities of a day visiting this Island.