Supermarkets in Friesland

Below you will find an overview of all supermarkets in Friesland. If you are on vacation or on a visit and you’re looking for a supermarket you can find it here very quickly. We describe the largest and cheapest supermarkets in Friesland so that you don’t have to search for hours but will directly find the correct place to do your groceries.

      Poiesz supermarket in Friesland

      The Poiesz is a real Dutch supermarket. It’s a business that started in the year 1923 and has become a very well-known store in Friesland. The company has many of its own products in their assortiments. Of course these stores will also sell the best-known brands, but there is a very good chance that you won’t find smaller brand products here. Still you can find all your groceries in a large Poiesz supermarket. The shelves are well filled with variation which makes it possible for you to get all the groceries you need.

      Jumbo Supermarket in Friesland

      Jumbo is a supermarket in Friesland that is known for it’s lowest prices and speed. In this province you will find this store not only under the name Jumbo, but also under a Franchise name such as Jumbo Kooistra. At all Jumbo supermarkets you can shop very quickly. At the same time it’s relaxed since you almost never have to wait. Are all cash registers occupied and are you fifth in line? Then you get all groceries that are in your shopping cart home for free. In addition, this store wants to be cheaper than other stores, discounts not included. Do you find it cheaper somewhere else? Then you get the product for free and the price will directly be adjusted. You will not find discounts at the Jumbo very often. That’s why it is still cheaper sometimes to shop in another store. But the buildings of Jumbo are somewhat larger than you are used to when it comes to a supermarket. They also have all famous brands which makes it a perfect store for getting all your groceries in one go.

      Supermarkets in Friesland by area

      Do you prefer to find supermarkets by location? Then you can easily search in the section above. You will also find pages such as Supermarkets in Sneek on this website and in Google. This makes it even easier to find the supermarkets in Friesland close to your area.