Beaches in Friesland: the best spots in the area

Whether you are in the North or south: there are enough Beaches in Friesland! Everywhere in this province you can find beautiful spots to enjoy the sun, the beach and the water! Below you will find all the beaches in Friesland. In this way you will always be able to find a beach nearby: wherever you are. Are you looking for the best places in Friesland? Below we first mention the larger beaches. After that the smaller ones follow. In addition, you’ll see Google Maps with all the beaches in the area. To be able to read the name of the spot we recommend that you enlarge it by pressing the folder in the upper right corner. Then you can also click on it to read more information about the place you clicked on.

Large and beautiful beaches in Friesland

Below is an overview of the most beautiful beaches in Friesland. In general these are somewhat larger than in other places, but that is not always the case. Some of these have very beautiful nature and surroundings. That’s why these places are seen as the most beautiful environments of Friesland.


Whether you like sunbathing or water sports: the beach in Makkum is certainly the perfect place to be in the summer months. Swimming, sailing, boarding: everything is possible. There are many possibilities to enjoy it here in your own way. And even if you are still unable to sail or board you are in the right place. You can find sailing courses that are usually for a number of days, but even for 1 day there are plenty of possibilities.

Kleine WielenKleine Wielen

Not only is the Kleine Wielen, dutch for small weels (also known as Groene Ster(Green Star)) good to use as a beach. The environment is also a really great nature reserve and recreation area. To the east of Leeuwarden you will find a beautiful area where you can sunbathe. This beach is well known by the surrounding area, which is not only covered with sand but also surrounded by trees and grass.

Mirnser KlifMirnser Klif

The Mirnser Klif is located on the IJsselmeer and is named after the small town of Mirns in the Fryske Marren. Next to the water you will find a forest and a grass meadow. This is a perfect place to relax when you visit the beach. For the children there are small stone rocks with playground equipment. It is definitely not the largest beache in Friesland, but is certainly one of the most beautiful!

Smaller beaches in Friesland

Later, some smaller beaches in Friesland will be added. But we described a few of them already down below.Beaches in Friesland

Harlinger BeachHarlinger Beach

The Harlinger beach in Harlingen is a nice place to enjoy the sea. When you come here you should also visit the city itself. A good place to walk along the dike and enjoy the sunset with all the monuments.


The Pottenstrand is a beach in Sneek located on the Sneekermeer. There are many activities to do including waterskiing. In addition, the lake can be admired on top of the watchtower. This is definitely worth a visit.

Beach in LemmerBeach Lemmer

Lemmer Strand: This is a wonderful area around the IJsselmeer where you can enjoy the surroundings, culture and nature. A small area mainly for swimming, but certainly a worthy and beautiful beach in Friesland!