Cities in Friesland

Because you don’t decide on one day that you will become a city. You will need city rights for this to happen. The first place that received city rights in 1118 was Stavoren, also known as Starum in the Frisian language. The last one that received these rights was Sneek. The capital of Friesland is Leeuwarden which is also the place where most of the people live. After Leeuwarden follows Drachten: a village on the East side of this province which is larger than any other Frisian cities.
Cities in Friesland: city rights

The eleven cities in Friesland are best known for the Frisian Elfstedentocht with ice skates. But there are also many other tours to do in this province. For example there is the bicycle Elfstedentocht. It is also possible to follow this route by scooter or by canoe. Most tours start very early in the morning in Bolsward and end here as well in the afternoon. Beside these tours there are beautiful landscapes around all of these places. In the cities you find great characteristics that set every city apart from each other.

Below is a small overview of all cities in Friesland. Do you want more information about a specific city? Then click on the name of the place and discover what all Frisian cities have to offer.

Dutch name Frisian nane City Rights
Stavoren Starum 1118
Hindeloopen Hylpen 1225
Harlingen Harns 1234
IJlst Drylts 1268
Leeuwarden Ljouwert 1285 (1435 as L’warden)
Dokkum Dokkum 1298
Franeker Frentsjer 1374
Workum Warkum 1399
Sloten Sleat 1426
Bolsward Boalsert 1455
Sneek Snits 1456