Canoe Rental in Friesland

Do you want to rent a canoe in Friesland or are you looking for the best canoe route? Then you can easily go to these canoe rental companies. A simple canoe for 1 person or a nice one for two to paddle: it’s all possible in Friesland. Enjoy the quiet areas: The complete silence in the middle of nature. Cruising in a canoe is soothing but still requires a good condition.Canoe Rental in Friesland is possible in variable ways. This way you can sail across the lakes or paddle over the beautiful rivers. It all depends on what you want!

Hire Canoe FrieslandBelow you can find an overview of the best canoe rental companies in Friesland. Here you can also find an overview of the best canoe routes in Friesland to give you an unforgettable day. Prefer to buy a canoe yourself? Then you can always ask one of the companies listed below.

Best canoe routes in Friesland

Sneekermeer, the Alde Feanen or the Nannewied. In the Alde Feanen you’re at the right spot to take a real canoe route. The places Langweer and Akkrum are also recommended when you go for a short trip.

Canoe Rental in Friesland: canoeing for how long?

Canoe Rentalcanoe rental is possible for 1 hour, 2 hours or even a whole day. Of course it seems very nice to go canoeing all day but don’t forget that it’s really heavy and most people are fed up after 1 hour. If you want to go for a nice paddle please take the 2 hours. Usually you can also just indicate 1 hour and if you stay away longer you pay some more. Don’t forget if this possible at the canoe hire.

Canoeing in Friesland is possible everywhere. Prefer an overview of canoe rentals per place? Look below and you will find the best spot in your environment.