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Friesland, a beautiful province in the North of the Netherlands. That’s what this website is all about. Together with a team of professionals we try to show the world all the beauty that Fryslân has. That’s exactly what the name of our website, Mooi Friesland says. Because the word “Mooi” means beautiful in Dutch. The wide stretching beaches, sea and wild nature but also the best places to have a date or to just relax are found here. On our website you could also read about several companies. Everything that has something to do with Friesland you could find here. Did we caught your attention? Please have a look around and enjoy reading along!

Discover the nature and culture of Friesland

Friesland is a beautiful province in the top of The Netherlands. It has more than 650,000 inhabitants in an area of 3,250 km². The capital of this province is Leeuwarden. Although it is a great region to live or visit, it is not overcrowded. There are many villages in Friesland with a lot of free space around. This makes that you find beautiful meadows, forests and nature overall in these environments.

Are you curious what province Friesland has to offer? Or do you want to know more about the traditional Frisian products? Then read on and see the beauty and nature of this environment.

Friesland: a special province

Friesland is not just a province. It’s much more than that. Most of the Dutch companies are established in this area of The Netherlands. You could think of the coffee brand called Douwe Egberts, Philips and Campina that is known of its diary products. Friesland has the cleanest air of The Netherlands. Which is of course very good for your health.

To pick a city where you want to go, you don’t have to search long because there are only 11 cities in this province. It will take longer to find all the villages as there are a lot of them that contains out of one street with less than a hundred inhabitants.

For seven years there has been written on an encyclopedia about Friesland. That’s how much information and history is found in this area. Do you want to know more about all of these areas? Please continue reading on our website.

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